Monthly Archives: November 2019

The New Hiring Criterion

In this episode, Aviv describes the shift in mindset that successful organizations are undergoing to meet their hiring needs. Aviv poses the eternal question, ‘What business are you in?’ and argues that an organization’s response to this question defines its ability to achieve its desired future. Aviv touches also on the value of culture, accountability, and organizational readiness. Finally, Aviv provides some sage advice for fostering a future-ready organization and sustaining a learning culture.

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Authentic Leading with Tom Lattin – Episode 73

In this episode, Aviv and Tom reflect on false assumptions in the technology industry as well as key changes and constants that have defined the sector. Tom shares core practices that he has embraced to get the best out of his team members. These include capitalizing on diverse backgrounds, focusing on outcomes, and seeking opportunities to get outside the comfort zone. Tom opens up about his deep faith as well as his role as deacon within his community. He places a tremendous amount of value on his faith, which has helped guide him both in his professional and personal endeavors. Finally, Tom speaks to the importance of preparation, the power of reflection, and the journey to self-discovery.

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