Monthly Archives: January 2020

The Spectacular Implosion of Supernovas

In this episode, Aviv describes the Supernova Syndrome, a condition wherein a person allows the external pressures of fame and notoriety to affect his or her character, resulting in an implosion. Aviv outlines two potential outcomes that can result from this unsustainable imbalance and paints a critical awareness to consider when witnessing these implosions. Finally, Aviv analyzes the service, development, and spiritual orientations that are crucial for those in power and influence to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Ultimately, the alignment of these orientations helps to balance external prominence and influence with the internal power and character for the greater good.

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Curiosity & Compassion with Dov Baron – Episode 77

In this episode, Aviv and Dov expound on the concepts of conscious and authentic leadership, mental and emotional hygiene, and fierce loyalty. Aviv and Dov explore the elements of enlightened leadership and the importance of leaders not only reflecting on strategies but taking action to implement these strategies. Dov shares his perspective on generational tendencies and the importance of vulnerability and intimacy as it pertains to leadership. Finally, Dov poses some thought-provoking experiments for the audience, including asking them to reflect on what they imagine will be said in their eulogy.

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