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Making Soulless Companies a Thing of the Past with Ralf Specht

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Ralf Specht is a visionary business leader and creator of the Soul System, a framework that aligns value-creating employee action with broader corporate strategy through shared understanding and shared purpose. He is the author of Building Corporate Soul: Powering Culture & Success with the Soul System and Beyond the Startup: Sparking Operational Innovations for Global Growth. Today, Aviv and Ralf expound on the key question that has been at the forefront of Ralf’s mind for years: How do we build and sustain a human-centric performance culture? Ralf speaks to his driving vision to make soulless companies a thing of the past. Aviv and Ralf explore the value in organizations cultivating a shared purpose and fostering a great corporate culture. If you can walk the talk and make that tangible, incredible results can be unlocked.

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