Monthly Archives: February 2010

Update Your Value Proposition

“You don’t have to be a Lance Armstrong to get on a bike. You don’t have to be a Michael Phelps to jump in the pool.” I said to Ed earlier today. Ed is 72 years old. He came into the swimming pool as I was finishing my 40 laps. “I have not seen anyone swim like that since the summer tournament…” he said, to...

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Will 2010 Be The Most Extraordinary Year of Your Life?

Eight out of ten people give away their most precious assets and sacrifice their lives. How do you live your life? If you choose to be among the two out of ten who live purposefully, 2010 will be the most extraordinary year. I invite you to join me in an unprecedented opportunity that will enable you to: Focus on your most productive and enjoyable activities…...

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The KEY: The Leader-Coach – What Coaching Schools Will Not Teach You

Learning coaching techniques, frameworks and methodologies will make you a better and more versatile leader. As a leader-coach you can bring a wider range of tools to the coaching engagement. But there is an essential capacity and quality you see in truly exceptional coaches that no coaching school will teach you and no institution can give you. Discover this essential quality and unleash your power...

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