Monthly Archives: January 2021

The Lethal Jackpot Updated

Consider three ‘edge of the envelope’ scenarios: A Black Swan, A Perfect Storm and A Lethal Jackpot. A Black Swan is an unpredictable event that unleashes severe consequences. A Perfect Storm occurs when a rare combination of circumstances drastically and negatively aggravates an event. What is a Lethal Jackpot? It’s a convergence pattern of several conditions and irregularities that together develop into an inescapable, devastating consequence. In this episode, Aviv opens up about this surprising discovery and how it became a game-changer that saved his life on several occasions. Aviv provides best practices for identifying these Lethal Jackpot scenarios, both in life and business, in order to actively step in to stop these patterns of irregularities and risk.

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Resilient Self-Authorship

Personal and organizational resilience and anti-fragile readiness have been a feature of many of Aviv’s senior leadership strategy workshops over the last decade. In this episode, Aviv outlines the five elements and capacities of resilient self-authorship. Aviv reflects on the concept of personal sovereignty as well as the reasons that organizations encourage and, in some cases, even require their members to have high levels of personal resilience. Finally, Aviv provides an evaluation tool you can utilize to reflect on your own personal resilient self-authorship.

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