Monthly Archives: June 2017

Creating Breakthroughs and The 72-Hour Rule

In this episode we focus on what great learners and leaders do, and on how high performers create breakthroughs. Of all the practices I have been teaching to high performing leaders, the 72-Hour rule is one of the game-changer that enabled more people to accelerate results and create breakthroughs.

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Lead with your Heart, Gut, and Brain with Rohit Tandon – Episode 11

My guest for this conversation is Rohit Tandon. Rohit is the Senior Vice President and Business Leader of GENPACT Analytics and Research Business where he drives change and influences results by helping clients harness the value of big data and analytical insights. With over 25 years of leadership experience in companies like GE, IBM, and Hewlett Packard, Rohit is able to help companies build clarity of purpose and structure in order to deliver the performance and financial results they seek.

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What Is Audacious Leadership with Dan Leahy – Episode 10

Dan was the president of LIOS (Leadership Institute Of Seattle) for more than a decade and he is currently the Director of the Seattle campus of Saybrook University where he provides strategic and operational leadership for the campus.

In this conversation with Dan, we explore his calling and his journey with LIOS, why in order to change the world you must begin by changing the conversation.

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