Monthly Archives: June 2010

Overcoming Procrastination – Best Practices

In our recent teleconference: Smart Goals & Wise Aims we covered the following topics: Creating first-hand experiences, goals and aims. Five strategies to overcoming procrastination. Aligning the short and long terms. Coupling SMART Goals with WISE Aims. Creating whole person goals and aims. Adjusting your financial thermostat to increase your income. Access here the complete series. Listen below to the first two strategies to overcoming...

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Rituals – Directing Your Orchestra

The human is a bit like an orchestra. There are many parts, each playing its own score. Your brain needs its food and plays its musical score. Your stomach wants its food and plays a different musical score. Your emotions have multiple voices like the orchestra has oboes, clarinets, trumpets and trombones. But that is not all. You have a body, a mind, and a...

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The KEY: Thrive in the New Normal – Part II

In a recent KEY we shared with you the first five commandments to Thriving in times of uncertainty. This month we bring you the second set of five commandments to help you turn the New Normal into a radical opportunity for growth and development. The financial recovery is uneven and uncertain. Encouraging signs are mixed with nervous doubts and fear. Will the DOW test the...

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