Monthly Archives: August 2013

Your New Universal Zip Code

This planet is a flying star whooshing through space. Your house looks the same but it is in a new zip code in the universe – you have, we all have moved into a new space, where new energy potential, ideas and possibilities await your response. © Aviv Shahar

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Opportunities Have Expiration Dates

No opportunity exists in a void. Opportunities always appear inside of limited situational windows. Here is my metaphor: Think about an airport terminal. You arrive on one flight and you need to catch your connecting flight. Your window is defined by the space between the time of arrival and departure. © Aviv Shahar

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The Key: Your WOO (Window of Opportunity)

What opportunity are you focused on right now? Opportunities come through windows. Your window of opportunity, and how you respond to it, define your results and where you get to play. This Key will help you unlock your Window of Opportunity (WOO). We explore what a WOO (window of opportunity) is and how it defines your potential to succeed, lead and shape outcomes. Read the...

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