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New Year. New Hope. New Action.

Hope springs eternal. It’s 1.1.11. I am looking at pictures from around the world. People in all places are celebrating their hopes for the New Year. The facial expressions in Sidney Australia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Tokyo Japan, Lahore Pakistan, Moscow Russia, Vilnius Lithuania, Warsaw Poland, Paris France and New York are the same. Hope. Exhilaration. Anticipation. A sense of new unknown possibility. The reflex and...

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Polarity Mastership

The better it is, the worse it becomes. The worse it gets, the greater the opportunity. The more complex it is, the simpler the thinking must be. The simpler it seems, the greater sophistication is required. The faster it shape-shifts, the slower you must be to decipher its code. The slower you get the more you accelerate your perception speed and the greater the power....

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The Law of Resonance Is Fast

I conducted an Emerald Keys Class with a managers group in Guadalajara, Mexico. We played with the ninth Emerald Key: Focus on Solutions, Not on Problems. Half way through the class everyone was doing the Mind Consult exercise in groups of threes. Each person put an issue on the table for the team to generate solutions. One participant put forward the following issue for the...

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