Monthly Archives: October 2022

Out From a State of Knowing and Perceiving

We are living into times of an accelerated evolutionary change. The 3500-years epochal journey is reaching a culminating transition. An epoch is a measure of universal time (an actuating pattern inside of a universal blueprint), where certain developments and evolution are permitted and supported. As the epoch culminates all around and inside each one of us, humanity is experiencing a deep crisis of the spirit....

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Homo Universalis Activates: Becoming A Whole Person

Throughout this Portals adventure we have explored in many ways how to create the inner and outer space that would allow the next phase of universal and human evolution – the future – to appear. It’s time to embrace the bold proposition that evolution has moved forward (and is still doing so) and the future has arrived. Homo sapiens, welcome Homo Universalis, the whole person....

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The Ensoulment Journey

A glance at the headlines and the environmental and cultural upheavals making news around the planet might produce an understandable urge to withdraw, seek refuge, from a world that appears dangerously out of balance. Or at least to seek a developmental experience that generates a sense of sanctuary and safety amid the turmoil and change. What if true transformation and the expression of new universal...

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Courageous Leadership with Faiza Hughell

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Faiza Hughell is a go-to market leader, board member, and mentor. She was RingCentral’s Chief Customer Officer and just recently retired from RingCentral after eleven years of an extraordinary ride where her strategic oversight of sales and execution has been a critical driver for RingCentral’s growth from $23M to over $1.5B in annual recurring revenue. Today, Aviv and Faiza engage in a conversation on the power of reframing, operating in an environment of explosive growth, courageous leadership, and self-empowerment.

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