Monthly Archives: December 2010

The KEY: 2011 – Get Rid of The Old Shoes

The writing on the wall in the briefing room reads: “The one you don’t see will shoot you down.” This mindset was drilled into me through fighter pilot training. You must always be on the lookout and stretch to see the totality of the theater and any moving targets.  2010 was just such a year. It revealed that in business, in politics and in life,...

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Florida December 2010

In our upcoming KEY letter for the beginning of the year we discuss the Born To Run barefoot running phenomenon, how the book changed my life and the perennial lessons found in this experience. Here is some proof of concept photos.

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The KEY – The Regeneration of America

Hope about the future was always the central character of the American story. America was shaped by the “aspiration business” and the “future business.” But many in the US and around the world question now the future of America. In this KEY I propose the three propulsions that will regenerate America and shape the powers that will gain ascendency and leadership in the coming decades....

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