Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tectonic Shift

Every earthquake has an epicenter and a deeper hypocenter. Hypocenter is where the tectonic shift takes place. This below is a tectonic shift in the global monetary system. Financial Times: “China and Argentina in Currency Swap.” China, which is pushing to end the dominance of the dollar as a worldwide reserve, has agreed to a renminbi 70 billion dollar swap with Argentina that will allow...

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You Can’t Be Afraid To Fail

When I read a book or watch a movie or an interview, I always look to find the “Radium” inside the pitchblende, to capture the coded line of wisdom and power. In this 60 minutes interview, LeBron James frames his philosophy about the game and about life in one simple sentence: You can’t be afraid to fail—this is the way you succeed. Watch CBS Videos...

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