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The Future Of Medicine

Watch this Charlie Rose discussion with Dean Ornish, George Church and David Agus. My response: The bigger news in recent genetic breakthroughs is not that you will be able to know your medical future, but the knowledge that you have the power to determine which part of your genetics get expressed. This is the important stuff! 60 years ago with the development of antibiotics, medicine...

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Total Connectivity Future – Culminating Opportunities and Challenges

The Economist report on Our Nomadic Future begins: “SOMETIMES the biggest changes in society are the hardest to spot precisely because they are hiding in plain sight. It could well be that way with wireless communications. Something that people think of as just another technology is beginning to show signs of changing lives, culture, politics, cities, jobs, even marriages dramatically. In particular, it will usher...

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The Strategy Dilemma – Overshooting And Undershooting

I clearly remember my first landing practice in Fighter Pilot course. My flight instructor demonstrated the pattern around the airbase from take off, upwind, crosswind, downwind, base and final approach to landing. He then handed the control over to me. My first approach to landing the plane was a huge overshoot. I was so surprised that in my next attempt, I seriously overcorrected. My second...

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