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Mentoring Best Practices – Part Two

Mentoring can be a powerful and rewarding experience for both the mentee and the mentor. Here are some further best practices to help you make the most of your mentoring relationships. Best Practices for Mentors: 1. Take a genuine interest in your mentee’s progress and development. 2. Establish two-way open communication. 3. Utilize active listening (L4) skills. 4. Make yourself available for questions. 5. Build...

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Mentoring Best Practices – Part One

For Managers participating in our Top Talent, High Potential and Leadership Development Programs that include a Mentoring Engagement. Here are Mentoring Best Practices to help you make the most of your mentoring relationships. Further discussion about the difference between mentoring and coaching can be found here. What is Mentoring? Mentoring is: 1. Transferring relevant experience to help the mentee succeed. 2. Working in an informal...

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The Manager Tool Kit: Coaching And Mentoring – What’s The Difference?

Mentoring and coaching are two adjacent strategies to develop your capabilities and talents. They each bring a different emphasis and approach but the driving outcome is similar: to improve your ability to succeed in what you hope to accomplish. 1. A mentor is someone who has specific experience in the role or field of knowledge sought after. Mentoring is based on the mentor’s experience and...

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