Monthly Archives: December 2007

The KEY: Three Things You Did Not Learn In School

This Key explores three vital skills you did not learn in school and had to discover for yourself. Failing to master these skills brings more strife and pain than anything else. Proficiency in these three skills opens the door to tremendous well being and to actualizing your goals and realizing your hopes. As a parent, know that your children will need to discover these three...

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Negotiation 101 – ’No’ Is A Two Letter Word With Multiple Meanings

Great negotiators, sales people, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs understand that the word ‘no’ is not the opposite of the word ‘yes’. People say ‘no’ for multiple reasons and they mean a variety of things depending on the situational context. When you get a ’no’, or when you do not get a ’yes’ it may mean any of the options listed below. In parentheses are suggestions...

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