The KEY: Three Things You Did Not Learn In School

This Key explores three vital skills you did not learn in school and had to discover for yourself. Failing to master these skills brings more strife and pain than anything else. Proficiency in these three skills opens the door to tremendous well being and to actualizing your goals and realizing your hopes. As a parent, know that your children will need to discover these three capabilities for themselves, perhaps with your help, if you are available.

Back in the summer of 2002 our son completed 9th grade and was on target to attend Woodinville High School. On our annual summer hike, as we conversed about the challenges and opportunities of the next year, I said: “By all means excel in your studies and in the subjects you like. Just know that school with all its many good things is not going to teach you the three most vital skills that are a struggle and preoccupation for adults. You have to learn to manage these skills in this life if you are to be independent and free, and to succeed and thrive.”

Hiking the Pacific Northwest provided a great background for our conversation. The turns of the trail offered natural commas, periods and exclamation marks; the forest provided the cathedral of nature and the mountain lake we were heading toward made for a natural point of realization. We played the “Can you guess the three skills?” game and then zeroed in on them.Discover The KEY and the Three Skills here.

© Aviv Shahar

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