The Key: 10 Practices of Outstanding Professionals

I recently met with the Utrip team. Utrip is working to solve the travel planning challenge. They hope to remove the headache from exploring Paris, London and Rome and turn planning into an enjoyable experience of discovery. This is a challenge that Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak and Trip Advisor failed to solve.

Imagine you have 10 days and you want to explore two or three cities in Europe. How do you go about it? Where should you go first? How would you optimize your trip so you can catch the soccer game or the dream concert and make it to all your preferred destinations? Which books or sites provide holistic, one stop solutions? Until now, none.

Utrip’s mission is to help reduce 20 hours of research on 20 sites and in 20 books into 10 or 20 minutes of fun and satisfaction. How does Utrip deliver this impossible solution? The Utrip platform asks you to adjust 13 preference levers to inform the “Utrip brain” about your interests in art, cuisine, adventure, history, and so on. In seconds you get an optimized and personalized trip to your liking. You can review and manipulate every step in the planning phase and in real time. It’s slick, elegant, smart and fun.

In this Key you will discover the 10 Practices of Outstanding Professionals I shared with the Utrip team. Read more here.

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