The Law of Resonance Is Fast

I conducted an Emerald Keys Class with a managers group in Guadalajara, Mexico. We played with the ninth Emerald Key: Focus on Solutions, Not on Problems. Half way through the class everyone was doing the Mind Consult exercise in groups of threes. Each person put an issue on the table for the team to generate solutions. One participant put forward the following issue for the team: “I am not saving enough money (problem), how do I build my savings (seeking solutions)?”

Five minutes into their discussions as they were busy generating ideas and options his cell phone rang. A financial adviser was on the line with ideas for a better mortgage and savings. The Law of Resonance is fast…

© Aviv Shahar

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  1. This is so true, whenever I shift my focus entirely to what is needed, so many options appear on the horizon. The opposite is also true; if I am delaying my attention to a task, the options seem less and less viable. Paying attention, being at the point, getting the problem into the crosshairs of our focus calls for help, not just from our own resources but from the synergistic storehouse of the universe.

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