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Florida December 2010

In our upcoming KEY letter for the beginning of the year we discuss the Born To Run barefoot running phenomenon, how the book changed my life and the perennial lessons found in this experience. Here is some proof of concept photos.

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Aspen Images

On a recent visit to Aspen I reflected on Aspen as a lesson in renewal. Aspen 1.0: Silver mining and production (1880-1892). After the Panic of 1893 and its economic collapse Aspen mines were closed and thousands of miners were put out of work. Aspen 2.0: Ski Resort. The Aspen Skiing Corporation was founded in 1946 and the town quickly became a well-known resort, hosting...

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Climbing Mount Rainier

Edan and his friend Dan redefined “good planning” – they ascended Mount Rainier and put on white shirts and ties for a memorable summit shot.

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