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On a recent visit to Aspen I reflected on Aspen as a lesson in renewal.
Aspen 1.0: Silver mining and production (1880-1892). After the Panic of 1893 and its economic collapse Aspen mines were closed and thousands of miners were put out of work.
Aspen 2.0: Ski Resort. The Aspen Skiing Corporation was founded in 1946 and the town quickly became a well-known resort, hosting the FIS World Championships in 1950.
Aspen 3.0: Affluence & ideas. The  Aspen Institute, the Aspen Music Festival, Aspen Ideas Festival together with concentration of wealth create a vortex of renewal today.
Aspen 1 b

Aspen 1

Aspen 1 a

Aspen 1c

Aspen 2

Aspen 3

The Aspen Institute
Aspen Institute 1

Aspen Institute 2

Aspen Institute 3

Aspen Institute 4

Aspen Institute 5

Aspen Institute 6

Aspen Institute 7

Aspen Institute 8

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