Strange. 50 in a few days. Graduating from high school was only yesterday. Suddenly 50. Back then, 50 looked like the other side of the mountain. Unthinkable. Whoops – it’s here. Feels strange to think I’ve now lived half of my life.

It’s been a great ride. Learning. Wisdom. Understanding. Great teachers. Amazing people I’ve learned from and worked with. Deep gratitude. Living is so much more than any concept I could have imagined. Still, it feels like I’ve just started. This has only been a warm up so far. A beginning. Many more things to do. To learn about. To find and explore. Conversations to open up. Problems to solve. Contributions to make. Stories to tell and live.

Five years ago I wrote down one hundred goals for myself. One of them was to touch and impact a million people in a positive, transformative way. Perhaps you can help. I don’t know how to count this. I have been transformed by strangers who did not know me, who did not know they were changing my life. I think of the teacher I met who walks into his class each time thinking he might inspire a student to be a president one day or to develop a new cure for cancer. The teacher may not live to actually see the realization of his prayers or his efforts.

I think I am ready to release the goal of impacting a million people. To let the intention live on its own. The lives of a million people will be touched positively free of my need to know. Like you, I do need a little validation. Not too much, just enough to keep going. To know I am headed in the right direction. To be part of a part of a greater realization is to know I have lived on purpose. We each need a witness in this life. It helps us bear witness to ourselves. 50 in a few days. What a journey. I am just beginning.

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  1. Hi Aviv, greetings from the Netherlands!
    And welcome to the stronger side of life! I passed the 50 mark in December and I must say, it was a great feeling that I made it so far. Thankful that I have been able to give service to the greater good for all those years. May there still be many years to come in purpose and good faith and health!

  2. Aviv,

    I recently read your email update. Impacting 1 million people isn’t as far off as you may think and you may already be there.

    The teachings from your courses and programs have stuck with me since I attended the first program years ago. Not only do I still have my passion and purpose and my personal mission statement in my dresser drawer at home but I pull them out and read them once a quarter to remind myself of my plan. Beyond my passion and purpose, I use portions of your teachings daily in everything I do, from family, work, to my overall approach to my personal life.

    I thought I could help you with your mathematical formula and achieving your goals of impacting over 1 million people.

    You impacted my life through the multiple courses I attended. One down, 999,999 to go!

    I have used your information and learning’s with my direct and indirect family members –10 more impacted – at least!

    I have used your teachings with my co-workers and daily approach at work – 23 direct reports and peers – At least another 25 impacted.

    Finally my friends – 10 of my very best!

    By working closely with 1 person, you impacted a minimum of 50 more. This is only 4 years after I first attended your course. I can’t imagine where this might be 15 – 20 years from now.

    I’m sure you can now do the math based on the number of courses you have held x the number of attendees x 50 people. Don’t forget about the people who have not taken your courses but visit your website regularly.

    I might guess that you may need to change your passion and purchase to 1 Billion people.

    Happy 50th Birthday!

    I am an Emerald


  3. Hello Aviv, welcome back to Seattle and yom huledet sameach! (and purim sameach – what an interesting, significant birthday time!)

    I turned 50, too, last summer and am finding it a very thought-provoking age to be – somehow that little change in numerals has helped me to be more attentive and on-purpose.

    I like the comments that you are aiming too low with 1 million! – your effect is not only widespread but powerful, too.

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