Life Is About Choices

You make choices all the time. This winter my experience has been very different from previous winters. Why? Because of choices we made. For the last two months we have been working out of Southern Florida. Woodinville, our home near Seattle experienced six unusual waves of snow fall and colder days than normal. Not much of a global warming there. But we were down here in the sunshine state, away from home in our alternate choice of residence. We replaced the freezing cold with daily swims and walks in the sun. Life is about choices. My choice was to finally walk my talk. Do what’s good for my health and what brings me energy. The writing was on the wall for some time. We decided to take action. For me, choosing to spend the winter in Florida will likely add another 10 or 15 productive years to my life.

My question to you is – What choices that you know you have to make are you holding back from making?

© Aviv Shahar

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