We Are 20 Percent Up

“We are 20 percent up on last year at this time” said Michael the manager at the gym where I exercise when I asked how his business was doing.

“What’s the secret” I asked. I always look for anecdotal evidence. It often brings new insights.

Here is what Michael said:
First, because people are not spending on a new car or vacations, they invest in themselves more in order to feel good.
Second, we improved our customer service and personalized our offerings to a greater extent.
Third, it’s all about word of mouth and referrals.

There you have it, key trends and elements for success in this economic environment.

1. People invest in themselves, in fitness, well being and growth to help them counter challenges.
2. Personalized customer service is king.
3. Referrals are the gold mine.

How can you apply these three elements to your business in new ways?

© Aviv Shahar

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