Discover The Universe

The impulse to look at the stars and to study the universe – this ancient quest to unlock these mysteries is ultimately a deep curiosity about life and its origin and about us, humans. “Man and woman are made in the image of God”. Hence the idea, that to study the human we study the universe.

I am reminded of this impulse, watching Roy Gould and Curtis Wong presenting the World Wide Telescope project at TED. They ask, “How will our view of ourselves change with this holistic view of astronomy? We may be tiny but we are truly wonderfully significant.”

This WWT holographic journey reveals what we each discovered the first time we ever looked at the night sky. The dots of light are surrounded by great darkness. Darkness envelops and encapsulates light. Light is the part of the universe that was released into the manifested realm, where energy potential was transformed and expressed into action. This is the smaller part, 5 or 10 percent of the universe. The other 90 percent is dark energy in waiting. As are we humans. We are surrounded by potential, waiting to be realized.

How do we participate in this act? How do we help the universe transform the potential into the actual? In what way do we humans help co-create the emancipation of dark energy to be realized in the evolution of the universe?

New learning, new connections and conversations, new ideas, growth and innovation transform dark energy (potential) into light.

© Aviv Shahar

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