A New Fifth Day

In 2020, about a quarter of the workforce in the Western world will be working a four day work week. Technological breakthroughs, automation, increased productivity and reset of societal values will accelerate the trend, which is already gaining momentum.

The important concept that will emerge in the new 2020 paradigm will be a New Fifth Day. After working for four days for your company, and before or after your two-day weekend, you will engage in the new Fifth Day. The Fifth Day will be your future focus day. Primary focus will be your continual education, development and growth. The other focus will be service to charity and causes you choose. Your week will include: four work days; a fifth day of learning, development and service; a sixth day of home care and maintenance, and the seventh day of rest, recreation and renewal.

Are you already enjoying a Fifth Day?
What will be your preferred focus on your Fifth Day?
How would you design your ideal Fifth Day?

© Aviv Shahar

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