The Ten Commandments ala Will Smith

This is a great 60 Minutes piece. It’s so good I had to find an excuse to post it here. I therefore made up the Ten Commandments ala Will Smith in the spirit of this interview.

1. You shall view yourself as only slightly above the average talent.
2. You shall have a ridiculously sickening work ethic. When other guys are sleepin’, you shall be workin’. When other guys are eatin’, you shall be workin’. When other guys are makin’ love you shall work hard at makin’ love.
3. You shall have ease and enthusiasm.
4. You shall never accept that there is something you cannot do.
5. You shall love livin’, that’s infectious – that you cannot fake.
6. You shall follow the “no brainer” path (special effects, with creatures, in a love story).
7. You shall make whatever you do look good.
8. You shall ask – “who the hell is Mr. Smith?”, you shall never take yourself too seriously.
9. You shall draw everyone around you into the spot light.
10. You shall be happy doin’ what you do. You shall have a great time. And you shall share it.

© Aviv Shahar

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