Innovation DNA – Shai Agassi

Watch below an inspirational Shai Agassi vision at TED to decipher his innovative DNA code:

1. The question. Ask a new question or reframe the question in a new way: How would you run a whole country without oil?
2. The boundaries. Eliminate the implausible (no ethanol / no hydrogen) and define the boundaries: A total solution (entire country) electrical, more convenient, more affordable.
3. The solution. Redefine the problem to find solutions: separate the car ownership and the battery ownership.
4. The formula. Analyze the solution boundaries to frame a solvable formula: Cars are driven two hours and rest 22 hours. Charge to drive ratio works out to be a minute to a minute.
5. The scale. Develop a complete system solution: The last foot connection and the battery swap system.
6. The incentive. Develop individual and global incentive systems that improve with time: E-miles get better and better in comparison to gas-miles.
7. The business model. Create a business model that supports your solution and redefines the field. Cars 2.0
8. The opportunity. Be opportunistic. Use big names. Identify high visibility opportunity: Israel, Denmark, Australia.
9. The story. Develop a compelling story.
10. TED. Get your story on TED.

© Aviv Shahar

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