Listen To Your Instinct

Sometimes you get up in the morning and something in you knows that there was a shift – that the season has changed. Still, you put on your shorts and head out for the day. Your body feels the chill but you are full of your projections and plans and too preoccupied to notice and hear the cues coming from inside.

The same happens in business, in the market and in relationships. The first shift is subtle. Something in you knows but you are not prepared to fully listen, to give it credence and to act on it.

Listen to your instinct, to what your body and intuition tell you. They are the part of you that knows when things are shifting, both internally and externally.
© Aviv Shahar

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  1. Ok,


    Can you provide more details on this process? Any basic steps?

    1) Developing and
    2) Refining the ‘Intuitive Voice’
    3) ‘Testing the voice’
    4) Maintaining the internal intuitive communication.



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