A Global Leader Mindset

Carlos Ghosn CEO and President of Renault of France and Nissan of Japan, is credited with turning around Nissan. As an outsider in charge of one of Japan’s largest companies, Ghosn has been extremely successful. When asked recently by Charlie Rose, “what is the mindset of a global leader in the future?” he replied: “A person that is open-minded, capable of understanding different cultures, respects and loves different cultures, is able to understand and connect with people and is empathetic.”

Here are some questions to reflect on as you seek to cultivate the mindset of a global leader:

  1. What new countries and cultures have you recently explored and learned about?
  2. In what situations would you engage in a conversation with a total stranger? Can you recall a recent experience and summarize what you’ve learned?
  3. What new activities will you engage in and explore in the coming year?
  4. Where in the world will you go to observe and immerse yourself with new impressions and learning?
  5. What fascinates you? What do you want to learn about and understand?

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