Are You Wasting A Good Crisis?

Leaders not using this crisis to repurpose and reposition their organizations are wasting a good crisis. If you are preoccupied only on surviving these critical times, you are missing out on the opportunity to do something bigger, to play a bigger game.

Strategic leadership is not about “how will we come out of this in six or nine months?” It is about, “how are we using this crisis to strengthen our position?” It is about looking beyond the current obvious situation and asking “what vision if any, are we pursuing?”

Here are some questions leaders must ask themselves at this time:

1. What do you see your situation to actually be?
2. What are the “constants” and what are the “changeables”?
3. What new opportunities can emerge in this crisis?
4. How are you using this downturn to strengthen your position? Your people? Your focus? Your value proposition? Your alliances? Your execution?
5. What is your vision?
6. What are the crucial questions you must answer to realize your vision?
7. What do you want to be known for? Where do you want to be when the upturn begins?
8. What changes do you need to make? What competencies must you focus on?
9. What investments are critical?
10. How can you help bring about a recovery of confidence for your people? What specifically will you do?

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