CEO Coaching – Managing For Results

As a CEO, an executive and a leader, you must realize that the three most precious assets you have are your time, your energy, and your focus.  You must direct these to what matters most for the success of your business. It’s time for “back to basics” management. To lead you must be transformational. Participation is not leadership. Make output and results the focal point. Focus on solutions not on problems. You lead because your services and products help people transform their lives.

Here are Top themes for CEOs and executives for the coming year:

  1. Have a solid value proposition understood by all stakeholders.
  2. Clarify goals and objectives.
  3. Be relentless in aligning all activities and resources to deliver on your strategy.
  4. Repurpose resources trapped in non-critical activities.
  5. Understand your core strengths. Build and develop on these strengths.
  6. Cultivate a proactive culture. Help people move forward and take action.
  7. Remove blockages. Increase speed and agility.
  8. Cultivate operational excellence. Deliver exceptional quality.
  9. Build trust. Encourage initiative. Create full engagement.
  10. Institutionalize world class. Optimize processes and practices. Innovate.

To thrive in today’s economy, your focus must be on helping clients meet their needs and realize their dreams while they preserve precious resources. There are great opportunities to create breakthroughs even in uncertain times.

© Aviv Shahar

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