Coaching Trends & Challenges

The world is changing, are you changing with it?

I sense more worry, anxiety and stress from executives in recent coaching sessions. There are more challenges. Some speak of relational explosions and difficulty in staying clear and focused; some speak of reactionary response from managers, employees and clients. Most struggle to stay focused and productive. It’s as though the scenery is changing and with it the experience.

There is a paradox at play. High productivity is needed more than ever, but more people are distracted and lose productive focus. “I feel like I am running in water” says one executive. “Everything seems out of control” says another. “The pressure is relentless” says a third one.

You get the sense that everyone is in overdrive. Work habits that delivered results in the past are not sufficient. There is growing pressure for top line achievements and bottom line success, but it is the “middle line” – the inner working of teams that suffer most. There is a relentless, very stressful, non-productive intensity. It is more than psychological pressure and the 24/7 news cycle phenomenon. There is an energetic dimension to this shift. The whole system of work and life – the entire human system seems to be going through an octave leap – an epochal transition. It’s as if, en masse, we have all connected to a higher voltage power. Our previous wiring and insulation hadn’t totally prepared us for this time. You see coping difficulties all around and circuitries are being burned.

Every generation has its rendezvous with challenge. And this one is ours. The massive change and discontinuity underway is a generational shift. Welcome to the new epoch – the epoch of continual change.

Here are a few themes and capabilities needed in this time of change which are surfacing in recent coaching sessions with executives:
1. Staying focused, clear and intact.
2. Maintaining strategic clarity while executing effectively on the short term.
3. Developing deeper trust in key relationships.
4. Managing stress and anxiety.
5. Reframing problems to discover opportunities.
6. Taking care of basics. Attending to health and balance.
7. Managing ambiguity and uncertainty to improve resilience.
8. Tapping new innovative collaborations and alliances.
9. Replenishing oneself energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
10. Creating a narrative of meaningful and impactful communication.

What are your coaching needs? Who are you mentoring and coaching?

Call or write to us to find out about a coaching clubs for your team or entire organization. We’ll work with you to adapt the optimal format for your organization. And yes, we will improve your top and bottom line!

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