The KEY: It’s Not What You Do

This Key is about a subtle blind spot that sabotaged Jim and many other high performers. Unlock this insight and set yourself free to discover your leadership path.

Jim has been successful at launching his career and it’s gone well. He quickly became known for his ability to get things done and for taking on one responsibility after another. Jim became one of his company’s youngest managers. He had good strategic grasp and was praised for his commitment. He was fast, efficient, decisive and ready to take risks.

Looking around, Jim thought: “To be a leader here I need to demonstrate excellence in what I do, master the business, communicate clearly, present effectively and deliver results. I need to be confident and quick to respond and do better than most.” Feeling good about himself he got to work early every day and focused on getting things done. He told himself: “That’s the way to get ahead here; I need to focus on what I do, on my actions and on getting results. Then, one day, I am going to be a ‘decider’ here.” Discover what happened to Jim and what you can learn from his story here.

© Aviv Shahar

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