WISE Leadership

Wise leadership is more than being smart. We know what smart leaders do. They formulate and act on SMART goals. SMART Goals are:
Aligned & Attainable
Relevant Results

In these times SMART Goals are not enough. They have to be coupled with WISE Aims. Aim is a direction you are pursuing. WISE Aims are: Worthy, Inspirational, Sustainable, Evolving

Worthy – Creates significance, value, meaning and is precious
Inspirational – Energizes with potential and possibility. Opens your imagination and invites creativity
Sustainable – will carry you through ups and downs and remain relevant. Does no harm, is renewable and replenishing and generates more than it uses
Evolving – updatable, growing and upgrading with new opportunities, capabilities and achievements

WISE leadership creates a Worthy and Inspirational vision coupled with a Sustainable and Evolving strategy.

© Aviv Shahar

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