Your Most Critical Competency

Remember how excited and energized you were when you headed for your first day in school? Perhaps for you it was the first day of high school or college. Perhaps it was each time you stepped into the class of your favorite physics or philosophy professor. Your favorite teacher had this magical capacity of engaging you and stimulating your learning. It was so fascinating to be in this class that nothing else existed while you were there. For that space of time, there was only what was being discussed in the class and the engagement with this rare teacher. This is the power of fully engaged learning – it grabs more than your brain. It engages you totally, down to every cell in your body. Now imagine that such an energized state of curiosity, engagement and powerful learning was the order of the day for you. That you could bring this energized focus to whatever you did – you would be unstoppable and would excel at everything you tried. This is the practice of the Fourth Emerald Key – Radical Growth Through The Learn-ability Leverage.

In our work with executives around the world we have identified learn-ability – the power and ability to learn – as the key competence of people who thrive in times of dynamic and rapid change. Learn-ability is what triggers radical growth. Let’s define what we are talking about. Learn-ability is the capacity to harvest and distill knowledge and to apply that knowledge in a meaningful way.

We are talking about an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an uncompromised commitment to learning where everything – every moment, every interaction becomes a maximized learning opportunity.
© Aviv Shahar

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