New Champions – The Story of Emerging Markets

The lessons of newly emerging champions in the global economy from a Davos CEO forum:
• You have to have a mission. A mission of creating a better world for your children.
• Make impossible things happen.
• Be bold and persevere.
• Be a bridge.
• Rethink cultural biases.
• Rethink where talent is – create talent.
• Empower women.
• Rethink where innovation comes from.
• Create diversity and inclusivity.
• Leverage technology.
• Be flexible and open to the best ideas.
• Keep high ethics and high standards.
• Have a heart to your country.
• Generate business model innovation.
• Don’t be rigid, be adaptive, be open, listen, see, learn and embrace.
• Articulate a clear corporate social and environmental responsibility.
• You need a cause in life. Use business as a model for change.
• Vision comes first. Be a transforming force.

© Aviv Shahar

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