You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

Junk fees are bad ethics and bad business.

We just refinanced our home. Chase collected $30 on Facsimile fees even though no one is using fax anymore. And then to add insult to injury Chicago Title collected $54.75 for (get this) – EMAIL DOC DELIVERY FEE TO CHICAGO TITLE INSURANCE CO.

“How many emails did they receive for this fee?” I asked the loan officer.

“Should we walk away on principle because this is stealing in broad daylight… or would you call the people at the Title Company and ask them to go directly to the highest officer available and say, it’s unethical and how would they feel if it appeared in the WSJ, do they think it would be good public relations?”  They waived the email fee.

Don’t tell me not to sweat the small stuff. I am not sweating. I’d like business to behave ethically.

© Aviv Shahar

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