Man On Wire

If you have strong nerves, do not miss the movie Man On Wire, the story of Philippe Petit who walked on a wire between the Twin Towers. It is a story of passion; a story about living on the edge, beyond the rules of what cannot be done. Petit found freedom and safety where no other human walked before and where no human will ever walk again – on a wire in the clouds.

The greater fascination is not the extreme stunt or the world fame – it is the process, the developmental journey of mastering his skill and competence. The uncompromising concentration and total commitment to his art form. And how that fashioned in him a different gravitational pull,  allowing him to literally walk on a cloud.

One more thing. Better not watch this before you go to sleep. It takes a few hours to unwind the state it will produce in you.

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  1. How did he get such commitment and effort from his friends to assist in such a task, his dream his vision.

    Even those who could not speak his language, some were not from his country, others he just met…

    What attitude, approach, communication techniques?

    Just the power of the vision? Uniqueness of project?

    Any further practical application?

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