The Vitality Secret

“I Am Not Aware I Am 100 Years Old” says composer Elliot Carter in his conversation with Charlie Rose on his birthday.  Carter’s 100th birthday was celebrated with the NY Symphony playing his new work, Interventions for Piano and Orchestra.

What is the secret of extraordinary vitality and creativity?  What keeps him going at 100 years old?

Carter gets up every morning ready for the adventure of discovery. He gets up to discover the music inside him. He never feels like he has already reached the top of the mountain. He is still climbing. He is focused on his work and he enjoys it.

We can all learn from Elliot Carter the secrets of vitality and creativity. Try this for 10 days:
1. Get up ready for the adventure of discovery.
2. Create and develop the ideas and music you hear inside.
3. Focus on your work and enjoy it.

© Aviv Shahar

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