There Is More Than Fiction In The Space Between

Tracy Chapman sings “There is fiction in the space between.”
I disagree and beg to differ.
There is a lot more than fiction in the space between.
Creativity and innovation appear in the space between.
Peace and quiet are found in the space between
In the space between you can listen and hear
A truth and a meaning you can reconcile.
There is communion, serenity and perspective in the space between
And dimensions of connections not experienced elsewhere.
In the space between your roles, between your responsibilities,
In the space between your different worlds,
The seen and the unseen,
The higher, the lower and that which is between;
That which was before and is no more;
That which is to be and shows up here for you and me.

If I could sing like Tracy Chapman I would sing these words instead.

© Aviv Shahar

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