Twitter Helps To Focus The Mind

Multum in parvo. Much in little. Brevity is power. Twitter helps focus the mind. I have 140 characters to capture a message. Yes, most people use Twitter in the hope to create a following and viral marketing. I find that it puts the mind into a discipline of communicating in verse. Instead of replying to the question “what are you doing?” I think of the question: “What inspires you” and “What is your verse?” Here are a few twitter verses in case you do not follow:

1. When everyone keeps telling you what you cannot become, you are left with the option of becoming you!

2. What was is no more. What you used to have no longer matters. What you are here and now is what counts. Leadership is about here and now.

3. Power is not something you possess or own. You are entrusted to manage it. Monetary, social, political, or authoritative powers are managed not owned.

4. Your Leadership begins with trusting yourself and listening to your inner guidance. Develop your practice of awareness and reflection.

5. Coaching leaders to realize greatness is thrilling. You help brilliant people step into the unknown to discover and define what’s possible

6. My discovery today – the difference between possible and im-possible is in how you define or redefine the I’M

7. To follow intuition and guidance, let go of the fear of what others would say, the fear of failure and humiliation.

8. Think not where the answer to my question is but what question I might find or become an answer for.

9. What do you give power to? The things you are afraid of, and the things you say yes to. Neutrality does not hemorrhage power.

10. Self leadership – What holds you back? Three quarters of HOLD is OLD. What are you prepared to let go and forgive?

11. What is your development project at this time?

12. What have you said yes to today? 7 yeses a day align the world your way.

13. GROW = Generate Resourceful Options (of) Wellness/ Wisdom / Wealth

14. WISDOM = W-hat I-s S-erving D-evelopment O-ffers M-astery

© Aviv Shahar

0 thoughts on “Twitter Helps To Focus The Mind

  1. I enjoy your Twitter verses. Your bite-sized words of inspiration are terrific and memorable.

    I am not sure I agree that Twitter generally focuses the mind, however you have defined an interesting and different purpose for Twitter – one-line inspirational verses. We can all use a bit of inspiration that fits into our day.

    Thanks for sharing.


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