If You Don’t Generate Solutions Why Should Anyone Listen?

Are You Joining Us In The Solution Gym?

Our upcoming tele-seminar is on Friday, August 7th at 2:00 p.m. EST – How to become a great solution generator and get results. Please join us here.

This is a rare opportunity to get inside the mindset of rapid problem-solving. You will be able to pick up a set of solution generating tools that deliver results for the best problems solvers. Even if you cannot make the live event you will want to listen to the MP3 recording to extract these breakthrough strategies and practices.

Bigger Solutions Need A Greater Person. Here are a few of the topics we will cover:

  1. Why do people focus on problems instead of on solutions
  2. Why you must focus on solutions and how to do it
  3. What are the barriers to finding solutions and how to overcome them
  4. What do great solution-generators do
  5. How do solution-generators address big problems and create big solutions
  6. What is the solution Gym? What are the five steps of solution generating?
  7. How to develop your solution-generating practice

I look forward to your joining me on this adventurous and life-affirming journey. Join us for this special event or for the whole series and get the MP3 recordings of all our seminars.

Click here to join us for this seminar or for the complete series and be part of a community of leaders eager to become transformational into their lives and environments.

© Aviv Shahar

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