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The response to our first tele-seminar: “Become Your Own CEO” has been great! We’ve received numerous requests for the MP3 recording and the thirty strategies explored in this tele-seminar. Enjoy the first 10 in this podcast.

Get the complete recording when you Join the next seminars and become part of the community that is gathering for these rare opportunities. The next tele-seminar “Breakthrough Mindsets for Tough Times” is on Friday, June 5th.

Breakthrough Mindsets for Tough Times:
A quiet revolution is sweeping through the world. Yesterday’s solutions do not work. Disruption is the norm. The power equation shifted. The rationale of “the whole world is a nail because I have a hummer” is over!

Make continuous learning and development the center of your professional and personal growth. Join our content-rich seminars. They are designed to help you turn challenges to opportunities in times of rapid change. You can hear the full presentation when you register for the whole series which includes the MP3 recordings of all the seminars. Plus, we will share more transformational and success strategies with you.

We look to grow the community of professionals committed to personal mastery and breakthrough growth. Whether you are facing a crisis or having a great ride, you would not want to miss the next seminars and the strategies we will share.

Friday June 5th – Breakthrough Mindsets for Tough Times
Turn challenges into opportunities—powerful strategies for every situation. Lead with charisma and confidence.

Friday July 10th – The MVP (Most Valuable Player) Game
The champion profile—to lead you must be transformational. Generate value anywhere, anytime. See constellations where others see stars.

Friday August 7th – The Solution Gym
Bigger Solutions Need A Bigger Person. Apply the five-step practice used by the best solution generators to turn breakdowns to breakthroughs.

Friday September 11th – Your High value TERF assets
Your TERF: Time, Energy, Relationships and Focus are your most precious assets. Strategies to generate optimal ROI on your precious assets.

Friday October 9th – Your Sweet Spot
Where passion and competence converge is action. Casting a new and greater net.

“Personal Mastery is to manifest your talent, realize your greatness and actualize your purpose.”

Join the complete series and a community of leaders eager to become transformational into their lives and environments.

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