The Resilience Factor Tele-seminar – Creating Breakthroughs

Discover your Resilience Factor and the five dimensions of resilience. Join our next tele-seminar “Breakthrough Mindsets for Tough Times” on Friday, June 5th.

Breakthrough Mindsets for Tough Times:
Discontinuity. Disruption. Constant newness and change. Destabilization and dislocation of what seemed eternal only yesterday. Financial setbacks. Technological breakthroughs. Situational surprises with unthinkable demands and opportunities. Welcome to our scary brave new world!

In the upcoming tele-seminar I will help you focus on five essential mindsets. We will identify the ten traps, and what you need to do to avoid them and create momentous breakthroughs in your life and your work. Join this special hour with me to help you develop your personal mastery and turn your journey into the rewarding adventure you deserve.

Whether you are facing a crisis or having a great ride, you would not want to miss our next seminars and the strategies we will share. Make continuous learning and development the center of your professional and personal growth. In each of our next seminars I will share with you original content not available elsewhere. These include insights into overcoming the five resistances, the five pathways of success, and the pillars of trust, integrity and collaboration. We will explore tools to overcome “the recession of the mind” and share keys into innovation and personal renewal.

Join these ground breaking explorations where I will help you turn challenges into opportunities. Enjoy the first 10 minutes of last month’s seminar here. You can hear the full presentation when you register for the whole series which includes the MP3 recordings of all the seminars. Plus, we will share more transformational and success strategies with you.

I look forward to you joining me and a growing a community of professionals committed to create breakthrough growth on this adventurous journey.  Join the complete series and a community of leaders eager to become transformational into their lives and environments.

© Aviv Shahar

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