Souls On Deck – A Brief

Here are a few gems (compiled in brief format) spoken by the people present in our recent Souls On Deck circle – a group of pioneering practitioners, poets, space makers, agents and catalysts of emergence and healing:

“History gets in the way of our aspirations and possibilities.”

Questions from Dale Nienow to reflect on to help us move into presence here and now:

  • What do I need to let go of in order for this group to flourish?
  • What do you need from this community to show up fully with your gifts?

Series of process Insights:

  1. Notice what is going on.
  2. Name it. Make us aware.
  3. Honor history. Respect the journey.
  4. Find where you are meant to be.
  5. Attend to emergence.
  6. Let go of what holds you back from showing up at full.
  7. Create a space for others to flourish without becoming invisible.
  8. Tend to legacy.
  9. Take care of yourself. Your story matters.
  10. Listen to what is spoken. See what we are being shown.

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