Are You Punishing Yourself Twice?

A couple goes to the theater. Ten minutes into the show they know that it is a bad movie but neither of them is prepared to admit it. Fifteen minutes later one of them says: “it’s a bad movie. Shall we leave?” The other replies: “Why should we lose three times? First we paid, second it’s a bad movie and now you want us to leave before the end?”

In many situations it is perfectly fine to stop in the middle, to not prolong a mistake, to not extend unnecessary irritation or suffering. Everyone can make a mistake; it’s more of a mistake to devotedly hold on to it. The foolishness comes in thinking you have to punish yourself by putting more time into what is either not working, not a good use of your time, or has exceeded its shelf life.

Here are few things that you can simply stop (without breaking any law):
1. A bad movie or an annoying play
2. An aimless chat
3. A noisy party that has gone on too long
4. A meeting that already met its objectives
5. A conference call that accomplished its goals
6. An endeavor that has lost its purpose

If you are to be great, to be the best you can be – you have to learn to say no to the follow on punishment, you have to make space for greatness.

© Aviv Shahar

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