Bigger Solution Needs A Bigger Person

Excerpt from the Emerald CD – Focus On Solutions Not On problems

The word solution has another meaning in the connotation of Chemistry. It’s the opposite of fixed, solid, rigid and unyielding. To solve, means to turn a substance from hard or coagulated into a fluid, moving state. To solve is to un-fix. To fix something is to make it static; to solve is to turn it into a process.

This Emerald Key points to two necessary shifts in focus. First, a shift from the problem to the solution, and second, a shift from the mindset of solution as a fixed end-product into the mindset of a fluid and organic process of continual improvement and development.

Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” And further, we cannot solve problems at the same level where we encountered them. In other words: if you are looking at a “category 5” problem (on the problems’ Richter scale) you cannot find the solution while being at a “category 5” mindset; you have to attain a greater capacity and a higher level from which to view the problem.

If you want to handle larger problems, you have to grow you. You have to grow from being a “category 5” person to being a bigger person – a person that can generate bigger solutions with ease. A bigger solution needs a bigger person.

© Aviv Shahar

0 thoughts on “Bigger Solution Needs A Bigger Person

  1. …and the person? Growing into the mindset?

    Stress and strain can produce gain…have a teaching on this, but if one is willing…

    How does one grow oneself? I know that is a loaded question.

    How do we reframe our thinking enough to know if we CAN grow into the person needed to solve the problem. And I am talking from the day to day person to the CEO of, say, Dell corporation. Michael Dell came to a rather swift relization that he could not grow-it-alone. With his team he developed (again, another issue) he built 1) His business 2) His 30,000 square foot home. 😐

    How does one ‘break through’ the stress conditions to be at the level of performance they NEED to be at regardless of the issue at hand to deal with THEIR side of the problem? And these days…there are many.

    Obama knew he was getting into something most human beings would rather not (I mean 1 out of many hundreds of milions) – yet he (admittedly) grew through a year of campaigning to ‘be the man for the task’. And so, now, -he- builds the team while there be dreamers, none really could honestly admit that they could have grown to that level. I am sure many agree, beings that this election probably was the most follow political event in many many major political seasons.

    There is obviously a lot to discuss here, but with the way things are these days, it is worth the number of posts it may take to cover the ground necessary.



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