Cast Your Net – Part Four

As I said in Part One of this net casting – this process is intended to help you gather your thoughts and your strengths and prepare for the best opportunities and growth you can have in the next year. Visit these questions (and those in the previous parts) time and again from now to the end of the year. By December you will have an open net that is ready to find and receive new answers.

In part four of this net casting process I invite you to look at the following questions:

10. What will make next year the best year yet?
11. Who and what do I want to help next year? Where can I make the most difference?
12. What support do I need? What help do I need to achieve all that I hope to be doing next year? What and who am I ready to have come into my life to help me live on purpose and realize my opportunities?

© Aviv Shahar

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