Cast Your Net – Part One

October is almost over and the end of year draws near. Every new year brings in a new flux of opportunities, challenges, energy and growth. Each year, I begin to cast the net for the new year in October. It’s great time to reflect, explore ideas, and deliberate on options. This annual net casting is a process of bringing myself up to date with where I am today. I harvest learning and wisdom from my journey so far this year; I identify needs, trends and directions and I draw future plans and possibilities. This process starts in October and I keep working on it through the end of the year. This helps me “plough the field” and gives the process time to breathe in and out. I do this by dwelling on certain questions. Some questions need time to simmer and percolate and it takes time to engage the holistic capacities of the mind.

Beginning to cast your net now makes you more ready for golden opportunities to find you in the new year. In the next four days I will post three questions daily that I am deliberating on as I begin to cast the net for the new year. Here are the first three questions:

  1. What have I learned this last year? What have I enjoyed and found satisfying?
  2. What do I no longer need? What can I clear out of the way, to make space for the new?
  3. Who are the important people in my life that help me be the person I am? What do they need from me? How can I be there for them?

© Aviv Shahar

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