Casting Your Net

Our upcoming KEY, titled Cast Your Net explores the three speeds of the mind and invites you to use October, November and December to reflect on learning and focus on opportunities. Here are a series of questions I use in my cast-up process which you can adopt and customize to your needs. I encourage you to copy these to a working document or print them out and journal about them:

  1. What have I observed and learned this last year?
  2. What have I enjoyed and found satisfying?
  3. What helped me gain new perspective? What surprised me? How did I surprise myself?
  4. Looking at all the situations and the roles I participate in, where do I draw energy? What challenges me into new growth? Where and how do I make a difference?
  5. What calls for balancing? What needs are not well served?
  6. Reflecting on my space and the environments I create, what do I no longer need? What can I clear out of the way to make space for something new?
  7. Reflecting on all my circles: Who are the important people in my life that help me be the person I am? What do they need from me? How can I be there for them?
  8. Looking at all that I do, what am I doing that I no longer need to do? What am I ready to stop doing?
  9. What do I want to learn? What new skills and capabilities do I want to develop?
  10. Forgiveness is the greatest act of self-love. What am I prepared to forgive?
  11. What new growth opportunities will excite and energize me? What will absolutely exhilarate me?
  12. If I knew I could not fail, what would I start doing today?
  13. What risks am I ready to take? Where am I ready to step into new unknown territories?
  14. What support system will I create? What new habits will I build to support my endeavors?
  15. What will make me very proud next year?

Cast your net for the year coming to build readiness and engage opportunities.

© Aviv Shahar

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